Tim’s Bistro

Our Chefs prepare food with passion and feeling…

At Tim’s Bistro, we offer an exciting and passionate experience in food and the service provided. Our eclectic French / British cuisine will take you on a sensory journey of delicious, generous portions. Our Chefs prepare food with passion and feeling, ensuring our dishes are authentic and flavoursome. Ingredients are important to us. Only the best are sourced and prepared, ‘‘Ingredients begin with nature, therefore it’s a responsibility to understand and enhance the natural flavour and textures, not mask them’’

Situated in the heart of Hendon Central, North West London, Tim’s Bistro has all the passion and je ne sais quoi of an intimate family restaurant found in France. With Frenchman Restaurant Manager Jean-Pierre at the helm, you will be treated to a first class service, whose passion and friendliness will make you feel a part of the family.

We encourage our guests to be expressive and enjoy their experience at Tim’s Bistro. We offer chef specialities each day, please do not be shy to ask.

Fusion Cuisine

Combining the best of French & British cuisine

Jean- Pierre is the driving vision for Tim’s bistro, with years of experience in hospitality, having worked in top restaurants and hotels in London and France. The Idea: serving classic, delicious and inventive French/British food. This concept is based on French traditions of sharing food with family and friends in a relaxed, friendly environment, topped with a great selection of drinks and great French wine.

We look forward to welcoming you

Bon Appétit